1926 Ford Woody Model T

In response to declining sales of the Model T, Ford announced in late 1925 that a new ‘Improved Ford’ would be available for the 1926 model year.

The new Fords marked the first major restyling of the Model T since 1917. New fenders, running boards, bodies, hood and even a slightly modified chassis made these Ford visually different compared to the cars that preceded them. For the first time, the touring car was given an opening door on the driver’s side. The most significant change, however, was the choice of optional colors. Since 1914, all Model T’s had been available in ‘any color you want as long as it is black’ but the cars built during the final two years of production were also available in optional colors such as gray, maroon, brown and green. Factory accessories available in 1926 and 1927 included front and rear bumpers, wire wheels, a nickel plated radiator shell and a vacuum operated windshield wiper.

By May of 1927, Ford Motor Company had ended production of the Model T and closed all its facilities to retool for a new automobile, the Model A. When production ended, over 15 million Model T’s had been built and sold worldwide during the 19 year period they were produced.

This 1927 coupe sold new for $485 and is one of approximately 70,000 made during that year.

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