1936 Ford Pick Up

The slightly revised radiator shell and wheels were about the only changes made to the 1936 Ford 1/2 ton pickup. The box had a heavy steel floor panel with pressed-in skid strips. The tailgate was also of all-steel construction.

The light-duty commercial trucks used different front sheet metal than the passenger- car type used on the sedan delivery. They also lacked the valanced fenders used on passenger cars and sedan deliveries. The overall look was similar to that of 1933 trucks, except for a new Ford Script in a blue oval on the side of the hood. The 112 in. wheelbase was retained and the cargo box was 69.75 in. long and 44 in. wide. The V8 pickup was also available with either open cab or closed cab. Combined production of four cylinder and V8 open cab models was 347 units.


Listen  the 1936 Ford Pick Up!


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