1936 Ford

Total Ford production in 1936 was 972,812. During the 10 year period ( 1932-1942), the ‘36 model was the largest number assembled.

The 1936 moved the engine forward 8.5 inches, body 5.5 inches wider, front springs moved forward of axle and rear spring rear of axle, resulting in what Ford called ‘center poised ride.’ Fenders were rounder, grille, hood, wheels were with more flowing lines resulting in a more fashionable car. The engine had a replaceable bearing with ventilated crankcase.

The engine is a Flat Head V8, 221 CID, generating 85 HP. 792,000 Fords were built in 1936 and 11,000 of them being Cabriolets.
The car has a Leather interior; rumble seat; Steward Warner gasoline heater; radio; clock in mirror. This was the last year for outside mounted spare tire and freestanding headlights. It has a 6 volt electrical system and mechanical brakes.

Listen  the 1936 Ford!



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