1948 Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental was the brainchild of Edsel Ford and executed by Ford’s chief stylist, Bob Gregorie. It was introduced in 1940 as an exclusive, luxurious, handcrafted automobile for the status conscious consumer. The early Continental was recognized by the Museum of Modern Art as one of eight automotive ‘works of art’ and by Time magazine as one of the top ten best-designed commercial products.

The post-war design was a continuation of the short-lived 1942 model but with a heavier grille. Continentals continued to be a top-of-the-line automobile and were highly desired after the war. Many luxury features were standard. Power came from the 130 horsepower, 305 cubic-inch V-12 engine.

This 1948 Lincoln Continental coupe was the second car built in the 1948 model year. Each of the 847 1948 Continental coupes wore a hefty price tag of $4,662 from the factory.

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